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Turpack Stick Packaging Machines and Filling Systems

TURPACK stick packaging machines, designed to be able to fill all kinds of products into single use portion pack stick bags. Our Stickpack packaging machines are designed to pack products that any kinds of liquids, granules, and powdery products. There are basically 3 types of filling system in our Stick machine.


Volumetric Filling: The filling system is suitable for Free Flowing Products. Such as Sugar packaging. Not just Sugar, with this kind of filling system you can be able to to pack Stickpack White Sugar and Brown Sugar, Square Sachet White Sugar and Brown Sugar, Sticks for Sweeteners, salt, black pepper, granular paprika, all kind of mixed spices can be filled.

stickpack-instant-coffee-fillingAuger Dosing Screw Filling: The filling system is suitable for products that are Non Free Flowing. The filling is of non free flowing products is achieved by the rotation of the screws which are made from stainless steel. Servo motors provide the rotation of the screws. The weight for each packet is set by the number rotation required. This type of filling system is most suitable for Three-in-One Coffee, Instant Coffee, Coffee Cream, Hot Chocolate, Cappucino, 3 in 1 coffee,  Turkish coffee, powdered Pharmaceutical products, any powder products can be filled.

Liquid Filling: This filling system is combined with sensitive pumps that fill all kinds of liquids and products with a gel typed consistency into the desired packages as the required weight. Disposable, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad sauces, Olive Oil,       Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Lemon Sauce, Vinegar, Honey, cream sauces, jams, marmalades and Particles Containing Food Products and so on. These liquids are most suitable for stick pack filling of liquid products.

These machines and packaging systems are the best solutions which can be manufactured according to the following sectors:

Food, Beverage, Cosmetic, Industrial, Nutritional, Oral, Personal Hygiene, Pharmaceutical, Topical, Veterinary.

Turpack uses the latest technology in packaging machines. SIEMENS PLC, the sensors from SICK, FESTO the pneumatic system, the worlds leading brand products such as ALLEN BRADLEY which is used for other electronic components as well. Our machines run under high security measures, with CE Certified. The most important feature of Turpack packaging machine is that they are extremely durable. All of our filling machines are designed to handle the 24-hour working conditions. Filled with different types of systems (volumetric, screw, liquid filling) stick packs can be filled with all kinds of products.

Also in our vertical filling machine groups we manufacture volumetric, auger screw and multihead machines with scales, most suitable for packing your grains, dried fruits, starches, flour, sugar, coffee, spices, powder fruit juices / gel powder, energy powder, granular type foods, sweeteners, sweets and chocolates, quick snacks.


Since the beginning the importance of customer relationship, following new technology and management has provided us with producing appropriate packaging machines with the latest technology. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company TURPACK exports to 55 countries with over 10 years of experience in the stick packs, four corner squares package and vertical packing machine industry. In our range of Packaging Machines we produce in sugar stick filling machines, liquid filling sticks, stick coffee, square package filling machines, vertical weigher machines, multi-head weigher machine, volumetric filling and screw filling systems, filling machines, food processing machines, automatic feeding systems, product handling systems, vertical and Z-type elevators, also there are several types of conveyors as well. We also manufacture customized projects when required.

Various sizes and weights outside the standard packaging machinery we can manufacture machines as well. Please contact our customer service representative also the bonding quality, productivity and creates a reference to the weighing accuracy.

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