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Why TURPACK supplies the best Stick pack Machines?

stickpack sugar machineTURPACK produces multi-lane stick pack machines with the widest stick pack measuring at 55mm. Our stick pack machines a well thought out for maximum performance and built for quality. With a length of 180mm and additional features added on the stick pack machines, consumer’s requests can be fully meet and satisfaction is guaranteed.

sachet_ketchupsWhether you are an expert with stick packs or a beginner in the stick pack industry, any time you need guidance, feel free to contact TURPACK.

When using a TURPACK Stick pack machine it will provide you with beautiful stick packs and we are positive it could not be any easier made with a stick pack machine from TURPACK. Our Stick Pack machines can work with any powders, liquids, granules. MACHINE means quality for us!

The TURPACK Stickpack packaging machine helps you to achieve long-term success. We guarantee a compact solution with high performance and output, the reliable weight control of our Stick pack can asure you with less product loss, also easy handling and cleaning is a major bonus. TURPACK Stick packaging is most suitable for Liquid Products, Free Flowing Products and Non-Free Flowing Powders used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, our TP-P001 model will provide beautiful stick packs for your sugar, salt, ground pepper with a quick and reliably result. With the support of the Pistons for Liquid products and the durability of the Auger Dosing for Powder products, selection of multiple lanes offers many benefits. Stick packaging is cost efficient, convenient for consumers and easy to produce.

Why TURPACK supplies the best Stick pack Machines?

TURPACK packaging machines easy access to all machine parts, the user-friendly operation PLC Touch screen and the good visibility to the product flow, dosing accuracy and less product loss is always a bonus for the producer. The quickness of the machine will be due to the precise dosing and high efficiency. High speed Up to 500 sticks per minute with our 10 Lane stick pack machine is most suitable for multi-shift operation. Easy handling and quick cleaning, mounted dosing unit and compact design. High quality and a visually appealing packstyle will win over any consumer. Put your products in the best stick packs available with TURPACK’s efficient stick packaging machines.

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