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coffee_powderPacking granulated products has never been easier and more reliable than with the vertical form fill and seal machine. You can make reliable, beautiful looking stickpacks for a wide array of products, such as pasta, granulated sugar, bakery products, various type of nuts, seasoning, soup base, cleaning powder  pharmaceutical goods, and many others, all in a neatly packaged, 100% sealed stickpack. When making individually wrapped products or stickpacks, you have 3 main concerns. You want to have a machine that will reliably function, be easy to operate and last for a long time, you want the stick packs or packages to be 100% sealed so that the product’s integrity is kept, and you want the packages to look presentable, sometimes even fetching and beautiful.

For all of these purposes, you cannot go wrong with the Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine for granular (and other) products. Made from the finest components, with a 2 year warranty, by a company with many satisfied customers in 50 different countries, extremely easy and intuitive to operate, with a beautiful end product in the form of 100% sealed packages or stickpacks, the VFFS by Turpack is the answer for all of your packaging needs.

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