Stick Pack Machines

Our Stick pack machines are made out of quality Siemens components and come with a 2 years guarantee.

As the Turkey’s leading manufacturer in stick packaging solutions, Turpack has experience and expertise in a wide range of product applications. You can produce elegant, single use packages of free flowing products such as sugar, salt, coffee, pepper, liquid products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, water, milk, honey, shampoo, liquid sopa, liquid chemicals, non free flowing products such as coffee, coffee cream, milk powder, powder chemicals, and among others.

Turpack offers stick pack machinery for all levels of production demand, from our entry level 3-lanes stick pack machine all the way up to a 10 lane stickpack machine able to package up to 500 stick packs per minute!

Turpack offers quite a wide range of options and sizes, varying from 16mm to 50mm in width, 45mm to 170mm in length, which gives you the power to make different sized portions for different purposes. All our stickpack machines are CE certified, and is made under the highest standards, to ensure that you will have a long lasting, reliable machine for all of your packaging needs.

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