Sugar Packaging Machine

stickpack sugar packaging machine We build sugar sachet packing machine and stick sugar packaging machine for single use portion pack sugar. Also for 1 kg sugar filling machine you can click here and  if you are looking sugar packaging equipment for powder packing machine and granule packing machine with auto feeding systems, you can visit our vertical packaging machines page.Sugar produced only from sugar cane until 18th century was a luxury product, which is deemed as an indication of richness like coffee and tea; lovers would send it to each other as gifts. It was also used for treating diseases. But, after sugar cane spread geographically, the reduced production costs enabled sugar to be purchased and sold as a foodstuff. After German people began to produce sugar from sugar cane in the 18th century, sugar production gained a new acceleration. Any demands on sugar and thus sugar production up to now increased faster than an increase in population. Production volume was 800,000 tons, while our population was 1 billion people in 1830. Today, production volume is about 115,000,000 tons yearly.At Turpack, we are number one in the field of single-use sugar packaging. 500 pieces per minute may be provided especially by 10-way stick filling machines. Moreover, we submit a cost-effective solution by our 5-way stick vertical filling machines. sugar packaging machineThe balanced filling machines are an ideal solution to package sugars in kilograms. The balanced machines, which can make filling in any desired volume, provide the users with flexibility.Elevators and spirals are used support both stickpack and vertical filling machines by an automatic filling system. They are optional. They are adapted to customer requirements.We have a major experience in fields filling and packaging of both single-use sugars and sugars in kilograms. Our machines have operated for many years in 50 countries. Please contact us at our contact page to take your place among our hundreds of customers.
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