Powder Packaging Machine

powdery food packaging machine You may operate your TURPACK filling machines for your powdered or non-fluid products. Turpack engineers design and manufacture any machines suitable for characteristics, powder product, size of your package and required capacity.The Turpack filling machines use the screw type filling system for any powdered products. It is possible to fill any powdered products sensitively by means of screws designed according to the product.Any powdered products such as coffees, creams, milk powders, starches, chili peppers, paprika, additives, pesticides, hennas, etc. ( sugar, salt, milk powder, coffee powder, chocolate powder, grain powder, green tea powder, medicinal powder, nutrition powder, etc.) may be packaged in the powder filling machines.Any single-use products such as coffees and milk powders are packaged in the stick powder filling machines.A product in the powder filling machines is unloaded in a package by rotation of a screw pitch. When any desired weight is reached, the filling operation stops. Precision of the screw type filling machines is fairly high.In general, a helix screw or belt conveyor may be used as a feeding component of the machine. If a material cannot flow easily, vibration or stroke units may be added to the machine to relax the flow. An automatic feeding system may be added optionally to the powder filling machine. If the entire system is automatic, this unit may also be made automatic. Thus, all system runs freely and automatically.
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