Ketchup Packaging and Filling Machine

Stickpack Ketchup Packaging MachineKetchup Packaging Machine :

Turpack is Turkey’s leading manufacturer of high quality, highly robust easy to use and low cost ketchup packaging and filling machines. We build 3 different type of ketchup packaging machines. First one is 3 side seal single dose portion pack stickpack type. Turpack builds single-dose stick-packs based on customer specifications with multi-lane fillers. We have minimum 3 lanes and maximum 8 lanes stickpack liquid packaging machine.

Second one is 4 side seal single use sachet type. Third one is pillow type 500 gr and more dosage volumes. We lead the market in liquid and paste products packaging machines for ketchup or similar viscous products such as mayonnaise, mustard, oils, sauces, honey, shampoo etc.

Our ketchup packaging machines are built using premium grade stainless steel and german brand electronic components. Our liquid and paste products filling and packaging machines are used for the packaging of ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, honey, shampoo, liquid soap and other gel products. Ketchup Filling Machine is well-known for its high quality and special after sales service.

Cleaning is very important for use because of hygine. Our machines are easy to clean because of the fact that all the parts that contact with products are in stainless steel.

Features :

  • Our stickpack ketchup filling machine has 8 lanes
  • Ideal to pack liquid and semi liquid paste products
  • Servo driven liquid dosing system
  • User-friendly touchscreen. Easy to use operation
  • Free installation service and 2 years after sales service.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. All our packaging machines come with CE certificate.

Ketchup with fish sauce, originally from China, reached the U.K. via Singapore and spread all around the world. Today, ketchup is a highly popular sauce, consumed a lot especially in the fast food industry. Other sauces such as mayonnaise, mustard, etc., may be packaged in the single-use ketchup machine.

There are two types of single-use ketchup filling machines: One type of them manufactures a stick type product adhered on three sides, and the other type manufactures a sachet type product adhered on four sides. At Turpack, we manufacture both types of machines. The machines are either 3- and 5-way type models. Parts of the machine that touch the product are suitable for food packaging. The machine frame is manufactured completely by stainless steel depending on any customer requirements. We believe that the machines filled with liquid must be made of stainless steel and this is our recommendation.
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