Honey Packaging and Filling Machine

Bal Paketleme MakinesiSingle use disposable honey stickpack sachets are used in hotels, airways, take-away or food delivery companies or travel processes on the ground. The carriage is very easy and economical because it is disposable. So, honey, formerly transported in large glass bottles, is now used as a disposable stick or sachet pack. It is getting more and more popular every day.

Disposable honey packs can be made in 2 types. Small packages 3 side sealed. We call it a stick pack package. The other is the 4-side sealed package. We call this product sachet.

Stick honey packs are typically 30 mm or 35 mm width and 100 mm length. It is filled with 10-12 ml of honey. Both the size and the product weight can be adjustable. The package size and weight can be easily changeable via PLC on the machine. Honey stick packs are functional promotional product. Because you can print your company logo, name and contact details on the stick packages. Especially suitable for travel. Economic and disposable. Especially used in package services. Airline companies offer stick honey to their customers. With the increase of the package service system, single use sticks or sachet honey packages are getting more popular every day.

Honey is normally a solid product. It is not fluid. Machine warms up honey before the filling. The packaging machine’s hopper is double jacketed. It means there is hot water inside. This water is heated at a level that will not damage the honey. It’s usually 45 degrees. After than honey becomes fluid and flowable honey is then filled into the stick or sachet packages. Honey is a sensitive food product. Therefore, cleaning of the machine and hygiene is very important for the customers. The honey or other packaging machines we produce as Turpack are delivered to the end user through extremely sensitive production processes.

Stickpack Machine For Liquid Paste ProductsStick honey packing machine price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. As Turpack we do not make second hand honey packaging machine. The most important consideration for the second-hand stick honey packing machine is the brand of the manufacturer company. Machines manufactured by some brands are accepted on the market. The stick liquid packaging machines produced by Turpack Machine, which had been manufactured and sold for 12 years ago, still work smoothly and make producers happy.

Stick honey packing machines are generally produced with 3 lanes, 6 and 8 lanes. Turpack Makine has accelerated the production of 8-lanes stick filling machines in recent years and has not added strength to its partnership agreements signed with the contracted packaging companies in Europe. 3 lanes stick honey machine 100 units / minute can be received, 6 lanes liquid filling machine with 200 units / min. With the 8 lanes machine, 270 units / min. Production is possible. This machine uses PE layered multi-layer package bobbin. By bonding to the machine, flexo printing machines are used to print the necessary paper before being used on the machine.

Stick liquids or sachet honey packs are becoming more popular day by day due to the need for disposable, both economical and hygienic conditions. Today, small disposable packs are becoming very popular especially in hotel chains and travel processes. These stick-shaped packages have received the stick package name because it looks like a stick. Stick honey packing business has become very popular nowadays, though it has only been a while since it was invented.

Optional features:

These sachets and stick packages can be produced in chain form. We call this process perforation package. It can be produced as 2 li or 5 li or 10 pack chain. Date coding system is used to print expiration and production date. The conveyor is used to transport the finished product to the box, and the automatic filling system is also used to feed the machine properly with the product. In addition, the notch system is also available as an optional feature so that the packages can be opened easily. You can contact us to inquire about multi-lane liquid filling machines and their prices. Turpack is a experienced manufacturer of honey packaging machines in Turkey with 2 years full warranty, more than 500 machine experiences in 80 countries and unconditional customer satisfaction.

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