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Coffee Packaging

coffee packaging machineToday, coffee is popular drink all around the world. Ethiopia is deemed as motherland of coffee. Most coffee specialists are likeminded that the historical journey of coffee began between 575 and 850 in Ethiopia.

At Turpack Industry, we are specialized in coffee packaging machines. Single-use coffees may be packaged completely by the stick tip coffee filling machines. Powdered coffees are packaged in the screw type filling machines and granular coffees are packaged in the volumetric filling machines. A high precision is provided optionally by the servo motor filling systems.stickpack coffee packaging

Furthermore, the vertical filling machines are ideal for coffee packages in kg: 50g, 100g, 500g or 1kg coffees may be packaged in these machines. Powdered coffees such as Turkish coffee are packaged in the screw type filling machine, and granular coffees are packaged in the balanced filling machine.

Single-use coffees have become very popular lately. Nescafe is a market leader and known as one-in-three in this industry. We have 3- or 5-way ready-made coffee packaging machines. As Turpack, we serve our customers, who enter the market and research any cost-effective solution, and customers, who see a serial manufacture and speed, with our 3- and 5-way packaging machines respectively. Packaging operations are performed by 5-way machines at a rate of 150 pieces/minute.

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