First Time Customers for the Packaging Machine

Buying an automatic packaging machine is a big decision. If you are thinking of investing in an automatic packaging machine, as TurPack we can help you with this subject. You will find answers to frequently asked questions before buying a packaging machine by reading the following informations. We will be sharing tips and ideas with you before investing in a packaging machine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- What is the difference between a fully automatic machine and a semi-automatic machine?

Fully automatic machine works at high speeds. With minimal human intervention, the machine automatically performs self-packing. These machines are designed for large businesses who want to produce too many products. Automatic machines usually work in coordination with automatic machine feeding systems and packaged product packaging systems. In this way, minimum human labour is used in both feeding the machine and packaging the packaged product. Automatic filling and packaging systems perform high precision filling. Since human intervention is limited, the error is very low. But cost of automatic packaging machines are higher than semi automatic.

Semi-automatic machines require human interaction in part of the process. For example, the machine weighs the product in the desired weight and fills it in the package. But the packagemouth is closed with a worker manual resistance. Therefore, the speed is slower than the automatic packaging lines and is more prone to error. But the cost of investment is cheaper. Usually, new customers prefer semi-automatic lines. Our 12 years of experience has shown that customers who have started to work with semi-automatic machines are switching to full automatic machines after a while. Suitable for entry level customers.

2- What kind of packaging machine do we offer?

Coffe KG PackagingAs TurPack, we offer a wide range of machines to solve any packaging needs of our customers.

As TurPack, we are specialized in disposable product packaging machines. But at the same time, we also have machines that pack a kilo of products.

Our first machine group is a single use portion pack product group. Here, our machines are divided into 3 different subgroups. 3 side sealed stick packaging machines,4 side sealeds quare sachets machines and horizontal packaging machines producing square sachets sealed on 4 sides again. All three groups of machines can package granules, powders and liquid products within themselves. Horizontal packaging machines also make wet wipes sachets packaging as a fourth category. All of our machines work with multi-channel, full automatic and high speed. One operator is enough to operates the machine. It is quite simple to use. Indefectible. It works flawlessly and at very high speeds. The minimum level of human intervention. The machine can operate for hours automatically when the start is given after the necessary settings are made.

Another machine group is vertical filling and packaging machines that produce a kilo of packages. Weighing the product of the machine, we prepare the package with the required dimensions, fill the product prepared in the appropriate weight into the prepared package without touching. Granular products such as sugar rice, coffee cream, coffee products such as coffee, liquid products such as milk and water, milk are filled easily into vertical packs with vertical filling machines. The way it works with the stick machine is similar. The difference isthat while stick packaging machines are multi-channel, vertical filling machines are single-channel.

As TurPack, we are able to manufacture all kinds of filling and packaging machines, starting from a very small weight of 0.25 grams and weighing all kinds of granules, powders and liquids upto high weight range of 25 kg.

3- What are the prices of packaging machines?

Wetwipes PackagingIt is not possible to give a quick answer. Because we are making special packaging machine to customer. Every customer’s request is different. The optional features each customer wants are different. But we can still give you a price for an idea. The best quality machine you can get at this price. We make the highest quality machine in the middle segment group. Every customer in pricing is unique and unique. You have many features like what kind of package you want, how many channels you want, how many pieces you want. How complex the machine is and how fast you want the factors that change the price of the machine.

In general, the packaging machine you want to receive, how much complex, how specific to the customer, and how much multichannel and high speed will be more expensive.

4- Can I fill all kinds of products with a packaging machine?

The short answer, usually yes. You can fill up more than one product by making a few changes with some machines. For example, stick sugar filling machine can fill 5 g disposable candy. You can fill 1 gram of salt or 0.25 gr black pepper with a change in filling head. Or you can fill both the Cologne handkerchief and the liquid product with the horizontal filling machine. Or with our vertical filling machines, you can fill granular products such as rice and sugar. But with a single machine, it is not 100% possible to fill any type of product or any type of weight.

To get detailed information about these issues, our sales & technical team will guide you in the most appropriate way during the ordering process.

5- What are filling systems? How should I choose a filling system for different products?

Granul Packaging MacghineThere is more than one filling system according to the product you want to pack. Here we will talk about 3 different filling systems.

Screw Filling Systems: Usually used for powder products. In their case, non-fluid products are dropped into the package by means of screws. Usually independent servo motors are used for each channel. This ensures product accuracy in every filling channel.

Volumetric Filling Systems: Usually used for granular and fluid products. Products such as sugar, rice, cereals, which are fluid in their case, are dropped into the package by means of volumetric containers.Generally, volumetric containers can be adjusted so that multiple grams can be filled.

Liquid Pump Filling Systems: Generally suitable for liquid and semi-liquid gel products. Products such as water, milk, liquid ketchup, mayonnaise honey and semi-liquid gel products are dropped into packages by liquit pumps. It is possible to print the desired weight by servo motor.It is possible to produce the desired weight by means of servo motor. We can give this information briefly about filling systems. But the situation is a little more complex than you think. Our sales & technical team will recommend the most appropriate

What is the speed of Turpack packaging machines?

Turpack about usThe speed of the packaging machines is measured by how many packages per channel can be produced. The speed of the packaging machine can vary according to many factors. Product features, weight, packaging film quality, environmental factors and operator’s technical ability can directly affect the speed of the machine.

Turpack stick sugar machines can produce 50 packets per minute per channel. A 12-channel stick sugar machine can produce 600 finished stick sugar packets per minute on average. In our powder filling and liquid filling machines, 35-40 packages per minute can be produced due to the sensitivity of grammage. Accordingly, a 3-channel stick machine produces a minimum of 100 pieces while an 8-channel liquid stick filling machine produces 300 pieces of sticks.

Our horizontal machines can produce 60-75 units per minute since they are single channel, while our vertical filling machines can produce between 30 and 50 packets per minute.

Why TurPack?

Because according to our price, we are making the highest quality machine. Proven quality of all electronic products worldwide 1st Class brands. We use German brands such as Siemens, Festo and Sick. We offer better after-sales service at a lower price than the manufacturers who make the same quality machine. The success of the customers who do business with us is more important to us than anything else. So we are waiting for you to have a cup of coffee in our center in Istanbul to get to know our machines and us better.

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