• Stick Pack Machines

    Stick Pack Machines

    Turpack is an industry leading manufacturer of stick pack machines for all types of granulate, powder and liquid products.

  • Vertical F/F/S Machines

    Vertical F/F/S Machines

    Turpack Industry offers a wide range of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines to suit your needs

  • Export to 60 Countries

    Export to 60 Countries

    We proudly export our machines to over 60 countries worldwide.

  • Turpack Packaging Machines

    Exporting to 80 Countries Around The World / 500 Machines

StickPack Packaging Machines

StickPack Packaging Machines

Our Stick pack machines are made out of quality Siemens components and come with a 2 years guarantee.

4 Side Seal Sachet Machines

4 Side Seal Sachet Machines

4 side seal sachet machine is able to successfully pack granular products such as sugar, salt, black pepper, or granular coffee.

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Turpack Packaging Machinery is an industry leading manufacturer and exporter of stickpack machine, vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal packaging machines for single sachet wet wipes products.

Turpack has been designing and manufacturing stickpack bagging, packaging and filling machines for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional industries since 2005. You can produce single portion serving size sugar, ketchup or coffee with our stickpack machines. Our 10 lanes stickpack machine can produce 500 pcs stickpack sugar per minute.

Vertical Filling Machines

Vertical Filling Machines

The Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine (VFFS) is a machine which operates with a high level of flexibility, making it ideal to cater to the packaging needs of various industries.

Horizontal Packaging Machines

Horizontal Packaging Machine

The Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine by Turpack will provide you with all of your single use wet wipe or wet tissue, towelettes packaging needs.

  • Brklyn Joe – NYC – USA

    We are so happy to use Turpack packaging machines and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the coming years.

  • Colin Earl - Powder & Packaging Machines UK

    We have found the machines to be reliable, well manufactured and offer our customer base in the UK and Ireland tremendous cost effective solution to the packaging of products into sticks.

Why Choose Us?

Here is the three main reasons to work with us

High Quality Technology

High Quality Technology

We use the highest quality electronic components from the best suppliers in the world including our PLC and touchscreen brand, Siemens, our provider of sensors, SICK, and other electronic components are from Allen Bradley. All the electronic components come with 2 year guarantee.
Highly Skilled Workmanship

Highly Skilled Workmanship

We provide highest quality workmanship in order to serve all of the needs of our customers around world. At Turpack we offer 100% (Mechanical, Electronic and Pneumatic) machine guarantee. All of our packaging machines come with a full 2 year warranty. Our company is even backed up with an ISO certificate and all our machines has CE certificate.
On time Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

On time Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

On time delivery of machines plays an important role in our company. After the business agreement is made, we start to build the stick machine as soon as possible. On time delivery is what helps us keep our competitive position in the market. You get your machine on the planned delivery day.

Filling Machine Manufacturer

Easy to Use Packaging Machines

All of our packaging machines ( stickpack machine, sachet, vertical form fill seal or single sachet wet wipes machine ) are equipped with a microcomputer (PLC), which makes it easier to change and adjust the package settings. Changing the settings can be done via a touch control panel that allows the operator to adjust variety of package sizes. Our motto is Easy. Strong. Economic. packaging machines. After a 1 day training, our customers can use our stickpack and sachet machines properly.

Quality Guaranteed Packaging Solutions

The technicians at Turpack is fully committed to provide support for our machines delivered all over the world. Our machines are CE certificate approved, and since we know the quality and reliability of our packaging machines, we also provide you with a 2 years warranty. We have hundreds of happy customers in 50 countries around the world. We believe that our customer’s happiness demonstrates our success.

Custom Design Packing Machines

Our stick packs machines are designed for the filling of many kinds of products including granular like sugar, powdered like coffee and liquid products like ketchup. Each one of our stick packaging machines provides tailor-made filling machines for your specific requirements. With the best stickpack machine technology available, we make sure to build the best quality packing machines to suit your needs. When you need a packaging machine from Turkey, Turpack is the perfect solution.

Strong and Reliable Machine Design

Our stickpack machines and wet wipes machine run day in and day out without any inconvenient trouble and unplanned shutdowns. Our vertical form fill and seal machines will not let you down. We have been building stickpack bagging machine, vertical, and horizontal packaging machines since 2005. With 10 years of experience we build rugged, reliable, and strong stick packaging machines.

Economical Stickpack Machines

Here at Turpack, we put forth a lot of effort in order to offer you the best packing machine at an affordable price. We manufacture 20 different types of packaging machines that can fill any products from 0.2 grams up to 5 kg. For packaging machine prices and more information about our turkish packing machines, please contact us via email at export@turpack.com.

Industries Served

  • Food

    If you are looking for a high quality, reliable packaging machine for food filling and packaging for granule, powder, or liquid products, Turpack has the right solution for you.

    We have stickpack, sachet, vertical and horizontal machines for food and beverage packaging that can packages of sugar, salt, pepper, ketchup, rice, candy, coffee, or seed and drink mixes. Our multi line automatic stickpack and vertical form fill and packaging machines can packages any kind of granular, powdery or liquid products for you.

    All you have to do is to contact us rightaway. We will build the most cost effective packaging production line according to your needs and budget.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Our packaging machines will provide you with the best solutions for packaging your various pharmaceutical products. No matter what type of product you need packaging for, whether it’s powder, liquid, or paste, our liquid and auger fillers and servo motor driven stickpack machine can get the job done.

    We have an extensive experience in the area of complex pharma solutions.We have many different machines made specifically fort he medical industry, so just visit our stick pack machines to learn more about them.

  • Cosmetics

    Our packing equipments will help you make nice looking, stickpack packages, sachets, single sachet wet wipes, and stick packs for promoting cosmetic products that will also raise brand awareness among your current and potential customers. Your stick pack single use portion packs will be made using our multi line stickpack packing machine. They will be durable and will make sure your customers can enjoy the cosmetic products that are in them. When you have a product that is made to help people look more beautiful, it is important to have packaging that looks good. Best packaging machine manufacturer

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Turkey's Leading Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Turpack is a packaging machine manufacturer and exporter company. Established in 2005 with the growing force of Turkish machinery industry we are proud to offer. Over the years, we improved our quality with up-to-date technology and our machine maintained good reputation in the field of stickpack machine. We have domestic and oversea sales and we export %80 of our machines to worldwide.

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